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Season: Bloom style: Plant height: Fragrant:
E=Early An=Anemone A=Average F=Fragrant
EM=E midseason B=Bomb Dw=Dwarf MF=Mildly fragrant
L=Late D=Double LA=Low average NF=Not fragrant
LM=Late midseason J=Japanese MT=Medium tall VF=Very fragrant
M=Midseason S=Single T=Tall
VE=very early

ANTIQUE IVORY : (2005 by Dana Borglum), Herbaceous hybrid peony, is 24-28" high, blooms mid-season, with large dinner plate size blooms that benefit from mechanical support. Double, ivory colored blooms with pink blush shading and slight spicy fragrance. Normally one bud per stem. Has stamens, pollen and seeds. Vigorous and reliable bloomer (15-18 blooms at third year of flowering). Raised from Laning’s tet hybrid seed. 
Best Man: (Klehm) L, D, MT, NF. Deep red. Plant has husky stems with sturdy foliage.
Buckeye Belle:  Dark Burgundy SD. 
Charm: (Franklin) L, J, MT, NF. Ruby red with star burst center of ruby red etched in butter yellow. Vigorous grower and very floriferous.
Cheddar Gold: (Roy Klehm, 1988) M, J, A, VF. Large white, rounded guard petals surrounding central mass of golden staminodes.
Cheddar Supreme: (Roy Klehm) M, J, A, F. Large milky-white guard petals set off brilliant gold center which occasionally is tufted with a top fluff of white petals. A strong, sturdy grower.
Claire DeLune: (White, 1954) VE, S, A, NF. Cream colored bloom with slender, but sturdy stems. Plants forms wide clump within a few years.
Coral Charm: (Samuel Wissing-Roy Klehm) E, SD, T, NF. Coral bloom will fade to soft yellow before petals fall. Am. Peony Society Gold Medal Winner.
Coral N Gold: (Cousin s-Roy Klehm, 1981) E, S, A, NF. Coral bloom with large, cup-shaped petals surrounding a golden yellow center.
Coral Supreme: (Samuel Wissing-Roy G. Klehm, 1969) E, SD, A, NF. Salmon-coral cup-formed blooms on vigorous plants.
Early Scout: (Auten) E, S, Dw, NF. Red bloom of herbaceous-tenuofolia cross. Bush has compact habit.
Fairbanks: (Auten, 1945) L, J, T, NF. Very large flower opens palest pink, fading to white with the yellow center;
Inspector Lavergne: (Doriat, 1924) M-LM, D, T, NF. Crimson red bloom is globular in form. Grows tall.
Karen Gray: (Krekler, 1965) LA, NF. Fuchsia red, large petals surround yellow staminodes. Is a choice landscape peony.
Krinkled White: (Brand, 1928) ML, S, A, NF. White, translucent large petals have a unique texture. Vigorous, healthy plant with slender, strong stems.
Laura Dessert: (Dessert, 1913) EM, An, A, MF. Guard petals are pale pink in bud, opening a cream or pale lemon and fading to white; yellow center.
Luella Shaylor: (Shaylor, 1917) M, D-An, A, NF. White with center petals of yellow giving appearance almost of a white Japanese peony.
Madame (Mdm) Butterfly: (Franklin, 1933) M, J, A, NF. Magenta bloom with unusual flower form and color. Stands upright.
Mikado: (origin Japan) M, J, A, NF. Dark crimson red bloom, staminodes are stained hark rose-red and edged throughout their length & tipped yellow. Very floriferous; abundant close-set foliage.
Mischief: (E. Auten, Jr., 1925) LM, S, T, NF. Apple blossom pink bloom fades to white. Puts on quite a show; very floriferous.
Paula Fay: (Fay, 1968) M, SD, A, NF. Hot pink blooms with upright stems. Floriferous. APS Gold Medal 1988.
Paul M. Wild: (Wild & Son, 1964) L, D, MT, NF. Near cardinal red, full double, large bloom; good foliage with stout stems.
Pink Princess: (origin uncertain, possibly H P Sass ca. 1950) M, S, A, NF. Pink apple blossom effect bloom. Outstanding flower/plant habit.

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