Iris Country Garden
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We grow Bearded Iris that can range from dwarf (8") plants to tall (36" and are known as TBs) including a few varieties that characteristically rebloom in late summer or fall. We grow many Non-Bearded Iris varieties such as Siberian, Versicolor, Spuria, Louisiana, Japanese, Pseudacorous and various Species Crosses as they happen.

We grow over 200 named varieties of Peonies and currently have many varieties potted and available for sale on site.  Our single-bloom Fernleaf Peonies start the bloom season (along with the dwarf Bearded Iris). The last of the Non-Bearded Iris will complete the bloom season with the Very Late Peonies and before the Daylilies begin giving bloom color. We generally enjoy 5-6 weeks of bloom from the various Peonies.

Because of increased interest and request for Hostas, we have expanded our availability of named varieties. We also have named varieties of Daylilies plus Daylily seedlings which provide bloom throughout the month of July.

We enjoy the art of cross-pollinating to see what new cultivars might be produced. Thus, we have large seedling beds for iris, peonies and daylilies and as a result, we work with some future registrations. However, out of 1,000's seedlings each year, we have an abundance of beautiful plants left over. These excess seedlings are available during bloom season only at the gardens.